The Fed4FIRE+ project (2017-2021) is the successor of the Fed4FIRE project and will organise its second Fed4FIRE Engineering Conference (FEC) in the city center of Volos, Greece from October 4-6, 2017 and organised by CERTH.

The Engineering Conferences are 3 day events (organised twice a year) with a mix of plenary and parallel sessions. The sessions consist out of talks, tutorials and technical discussions and there is also a demo night session where experimenters, developers, projects, … can present their latest work, ready to inspire others in the community.

If you want to participate at the Demo Night, please read more at here

At doc.fed4fire.eu you can see general introductions and similar tutorials to have an idea how the sessions will look like.

The website fec.fed4fire.eu will link to all past and upcoming FECs.

Upcoming FECs:
  • FEC3: Paris, March/April 2018, exact date and location to be announced


Registration is now open! Book your spot and download the event flyer.


All the inner images (except the one in homepage) are courtesy from © PIOP, N. Daniilidis 

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